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On Demand Webinar:

Preparing for CIFRS 9- Trends, Benefits and Successful Implementations


In Partnership with:


Published: 6 July 2021 

Webinar Language: English

Watch our on-demand webinar where experts from ElysianNxt and eCamSolution discuss IFRS 9 industry trends, benefits and successful Implementation strategies for financial institutions in Cambodia.

Agenda items include:

  • What is IFRS 9 (CIFRS 9) 
  • What are the requirements for CIFRS 9? 
  • Benefits for financial institutions to be CIFRS 9 compliant 
  • Global trends- Regulation changes and forecasting 
  • What an IFRS 9 system should have in 2021? 
  • Stress-testing, simulations of COVID impact 

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