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ElysianNxt Podcast Episode 10:

From Australia to Europe - Lessons Learned from Basel Implementations 

In this episode of the ElysianNxt Podcast, host Nida Kampan (ElysianNxt Functional Consultant) talks to Chris Puype (CEO), Chaichan Laorapeporntong (Team Lead of Professional Services) and Matthias Coessens (Managing Director Europe) about winning the Best Solution for Basel IV Europe, lessons learned from implementations done in Australia, future developments, the link with IFRS 9, and why banks need to upgrade their risk systems.

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Chris Puype

Nida Kampan

Chaichan Laorapeporntong

Matthias Coessens 

CEO & Founder- ElysianNxt

Functional Consultant - ElysianNxt

Team Lead of Professional Services - ElysianNxt

Managing Director Europe- ElysianNxt

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