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Srisawad logo

Srisawad Corporation has implemented ElysianNxt’s IFRS9.NXT solution

Bangkok, February 2022

ElysianNxt is delighted to announce that Srisawad Corporation has chosen the IFRS9.NXT solution to fully automate its TFRS 9 calculations and reporting.

Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company engaged in financial services. The Company operates two major business segments, namely hire purchase and personal loans. Srisawad has expanded in the past decade and the company now has multiple entities in Thailand and neighbouring countries.

ElysianNxt's award-winning IFRS 9 solution is part of a pioneering, end-to-end risk platform that was custom built with the latest streaming technologies and is aimed at meeting the ever-changing demands of risk and finance professionals. Designed to process large and complex calculations almost instantaneously, Srisawad has the ability to see the immediate impact of their provisions by performing a near real-time simulation and stress-testing. In addition to meeting and exceeding current regulatory requirements, the flexibility of IFRS9.NXT solution will also allow Srisawad’s users to perform multiple what-if scenarios across all their entities and business segments.

"I will guarantee you that even in the smallest village on a remote Thai island you will find the striking logo of Sriswad. This Microfinance powerhouse required their millions of loans calculated in real-time to comply with IFRS 9 regulations. ElysianNxt is delighted to partner with Srisawad giving their users the ability to not only run real-time calculations but also simulations within the .NXT platform. "

- Chris Puype, CEO & Founder ElysianNxt

Chris Puype- Profile Picture